Lewes Lounge
A collection of sexy exotic tracks.
This is a collection of songs I have compiled over many years in smaller mixes but have now collated them in one long playlist for your aural pleasure.

The Classical Choice
A collection of classical pieces from living and deceased composers.
This collection has the complete albums Le Classique Abstrait Vol2 and Le Classique Abstrait Vol3 by Raphaƫl Marionneau amongst the set.
Length = 9hrs 40mins
Highlights = Lisa Ekdahl – She Left Home, Amy Winehouse – Take The Box (Demo) and Nicole – Les Petroleuses
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Length = 6hrs 00mins
Highlights = John Barry – All Time High, Gotan Project & Yann Tiersen – Rue des Cascades_La Parade, reynaldo hahn – l’heure exquise
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